1st Session

We are all fleeing town because there is an army coming with nefarious intent.

We were heading to the command tent to meet with a man named chief constable Macimer. The people present in the tent are a short stocky brown-haired man with a full beard in full plate with army ensignias on his chest and shield. Another blond-haired soldier. About two dozen other people.

The Magister informs us that we are attempting to get all of the citizens to the wall for their protection. He is asking us all to help for one reason or another but mostly to help fill in the ranks of the city guard and militia to protect the caravan.

We have many problems. The invading army is probably sacking the city by now. There are bandits and dangerous animals praying on caravan as well. The Magister then walks off.

The constable comes forward and asks everyone to break into groups and sign up. Afterwards leaves his administrator in charge and leaves after the Magister.

We all set up our tents in different places. We are currently in the Denwood. The trees are mostly dead up until near the top. Beneath the trees is quite clear but it is always dim due to the thick upper canopy. We slumber uneventfully through the night and in the morning get assigned to our respective patrols.

We meet our two deputies. One seems rather optimistic and upbeat the other keeps to himself. The excitable one is armored whereas the other is more of a huntsman. The six of us head off on patrol.

Triss hears a sound in the distance. Tad doesn’t believe hear and scolds her for being to jumpy on her first patrol. Triss, Kip, and Seraphina head off to investigate while the deputies and Tad continue on the patrol route. Triss comes across bandits assaulting some folk and shouts out that they are under arrest by the town militia. They charge her. The huntsman hears and runs off in their direction as Tad and the deputy look at each other in confusion.

A melee ensues. Triss gets cut down as Kip and Seraphina butcher them all (mostly Kip… in gruesome fashion).

We round up the citizens and the injured and head back to town. Triss recovers in a medical tent and reunites with her old master. Tad overhears a conversation by the gruff man from before and the chief constable. The gruff man is in favor of taking stock of all the city folks possessions and dividing it as needed amongst the band. The constable doesn’t see the need to impose any sort of martial law.

The next day we go out to search a village we are passing to see if anybody is there and encourage them to flee the invasion with us. The huntsman doesn’t come. We find a father and daughter in the church. The father is missing half a leg. They want to stay and wait for death so Triss puts them to sleep to carrying them back to the group. Triss goes to look around and finds some halflings who claim they are going to clear out. They secretly follow her back and attack. After a very brief skirmish they surrender. We coerce them into coming back with us as well despite their great objections. We drop off everyone with the authorities when we get back.


Fathom_Seer Scrynor

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