2nd Session

The group goes out on patrol again down the eastern half of the expedition. They come upon a merchant intent on selling his wares to a group of passersby who have almost no interest in what he is selling. It seems to be some sort of timepiece but nobody is interested and we pass by.

Sounds of battle are heard in the distance by everyone but Tad and the group goes to investigate. A large furry man-shaped creature is fighting against an armored group of men who all have matching glyphs on their shoulders. Triss thinks it denotes a mercenary squad. The creature looks like a cross between a wooly mammoth and a man with horns in place of tusks. Tad recognizes it as one of the more dangerous creatures of the Denwood that was created by the original rulers of the area over 900 years ago. It is unusual to see one so far from the wall. The creatures lack a true mind of their own and are mostly filled with fluid with few organs and only the basics of a skeletal structure.

Percy charges in and gets himself in trouble. The group joins the fray and Kip lands the final blow. We make introductions with the mercenary band and then part ways.

The expedition has moved into a more marsh-like part of the Denwood. Proper camping space is at a premium so the expedition stops earlier than usual.

The next morning Percy comes around early and informs everyone that we are going out on an early morning patrol. Triss puts more effort into seducing Percy (purely for sport) than keeping the lookout and it seems to be working. Cries for help are heard in the distance across the swamp. Tad heads off to check on a floating disk as everyone else comes from behind. It’s a trap! Bandits drop out of trees and Tad gets dropped very quickly. Percy swears to protect Tad and the battle begins in earnest. The rest of the team comes up and after a feverish encounter manages to put the bandits down. Kip keeps getting weird sensations when he kills things and the last bandit he cuts down his axe actually flames a bit. Triss checks him out and determines that his gauntlets are magical and do some sort of conjuration and necromancy effect. Kip is suspicious and takes the gauntlets off and stores them in his bag.

It doesn’t seem like all of the bandits supplies are there but with no bandits left alive and no skilled tracker in the group there is no way to track the bandits to their hideout so everyone goes back to camp.


Fathom_Seer Scrynor

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