3rd Session

Swamp Campin'

Kip, Seraphina, and Tris head to the command tent expecting to get orders for the next day. Chief Constable Macimer tells them that they won’t be going on a patrol today. Piercy is taking out a different group on patrol. He’s noticed that they’ve dealt well with the very dangerous patrols they’ve been on and he wants them to take care of a special task. He warns them that it will be a dangerous task. Tris asks to be informed and he points out that there is no real government here. He informs them that their own personal food stockpiles are starting to get low and other people must be also feeling the pinch. Things could get ugly unless the government is prepared to deal with the situation once people start come asking for food. He wants them to go to the fort town of Renik because it was largely abandoned and there should be food stockpiles there to be had. The dangerous part is that this fort is behind enemy lines. Kip cuts him off and assures him they can do it and to point us on our way. Macimer provides a horse as a guide. It is from the fort so it should head for home.

Tad awakes to find himself sinking in the bog. His hammock has broken in the night and he began to sunk. The dog that has been following him around kept his head above water. Tad’s eyebrows grow out to 10 feet in length, wrap around the limbs of the tree by his head, and then pull him free. He mutters incessantly (while petting the dog with his off-hand) and magically drys all of his things.

Tad arrives as the constable is concluding his talk and the group tells him that they are going for a walk.

The group goes and talks to Content Not Found: Kasberg the quartermaster. He talks to Kip and gives him all the supplies. Kip asks for nothing more but an elephant, which nobody knows what is.

The group sets off following the horse through the wilderness. Hours of travel go by uneventfully until Content Not Found: Seraphina spots a patrol of 6 in the distance just as they spot the group as well. She immediately lets loose with a magic missile.

Content Not Found: Triss_ puts fix of the six to sleep making the combat quite short. Content Not Found: Kip_ rides up and dispatches the final standing soldier. Attempts to interrogate the captives prove futile so Content Not Found: Kip kills them all after cutting off each of their manhoods.

The group disguises themselves in the uniforms of the dead patrol and sneaks up Renik. Using a map that found on the dead patrol leader they manage to sneak in the back of the fort town and enter a lesser known storehouse. Food abounds. After some discussion about how much food to attempt to make off with the group decides to go for broke. Kip and Triss take turns keeping watch while Seraphina and Tad study all night. As dawn approaches, they cast 8 floating discs and load them up with 2400 lbs of food. They also load down their horse and the 2 horses they took from the dead patrol.

As Triss, Seraphina, and Tad make the final preparations Kip thinks he hears and elephant and wanders off into the city. Sure enough, there is an elephant. Kip starts whispering reassuring things to the elephant. After petting the elephant thoroughly, he heads back to the group.

Kip returns to the group and proudly announces that he met an elephant. A bit of intense listening reveals that the enemy followed Kip back and has been surrounding their hideout for some time.


Fathom_Seer Scrynor

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