4th Session

Having taken a vast amount of food and fought their way clear the group vanishes into the woods. They know they only have 3 hours before their floating discs vanish and drop the vast majority of their bounty. The group winds and weaves and do their best to lose any pursuit before holing up in a cave. Content Not Found: Seraphina takes four horses and heads at full speed for the traveling camp to retrieve more horses and wagons to help haul the food back. The rest of the party hunkers down and waits in great suspense hoping desperately not to be found.

On day two they hear a large number of footsteps passing a distance away.

On the dawn of third day a figure approaches the cave from the distance. Content Not Found: Kip_ is standing guard and sees a beautiful naked woman approaching in the distance. He is convinced of her beauty but isn’t overly interested due to his deeply seeded emotional issues. Content Not Found: Triss_ on the other hand sees a beautiful man and is quite smitten with him. Content Not Found: Tad knows an illusion when he sees one and tries to convince the others that this is actually a horrible cat creature with decaying flesh.

Tad casts shield to prepare himself for battle and the cat creature immediately dives into the cave knocking biting him and knocking him prone. He sees many mouths beneath the loose skin trying to get to him through the creatures flesh. Kip attempts to tie up what he thinks is a beautiful woman and when he cannot tosses it out of the cave. The battle continues with the creature focusing exclusively on Tad until the group brings it down. Triss is disgusted and identifies it as a magekiller. Kip and Triss take the creature outside and bury the creature in case it’s horrible rotten stench could attract others while Tad grumbles and licks his wounds. Content that this was just a horrible beast hunting in these evil woods, a relic of the ancient rulers of the woods, and continue hiding in their hole.

The fourth day arrives and the group looks expectantly for Seraphina. The afternoon of the fifth day comes and still no Seraphina. Triss and Kip go out to scout while Tad stays back at the cave in case Seraphina returns.

The scouts determine that a large number of soldiers have indeed go through this area. They come to the regrettable conclusion that they are now behind enemy lines. They return to the cave and Triss disguises herself and Tad as soldiers and they set off back to the fort where they stole the food hoping to con their way into buying or stealing a wagon to move the food. They find the fort and everything around it completely razed to the ground with no signs of life. They manage to salvage useful pieces and the group cobbles together a wagon from the parts back at the cave. They load up all the food, leave Seraphina a note, and set off all in disguise hoping to make time and skirt the army to meet up with the fleeing refugees.


Fathom_Seer Scrynor

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