Sido, 23rd, 942

The Pre-Game Setting

The kingdom of Hazamel spans from the northern boarder mountains of Kass to the edges of the vast Denwood Flats. The story begins some distance north of East Salamis, the most southern city within the kingdom of Hazamel.

To the west and south of Hazamel lies the nation of Iasus, a former province of Hazamel. After it had broken away, a decade of peace was followed by the demanded for sovereignty over the ruins of Kios. Since the ruins themselves resided on the other side of the wall that protected the northern reaches of Hazamel, as well as the capitol itself, Hazamel refused and cut off all diplomacy and trade with Iasus. For the last 42 years, both countries have built up their military forces and fortified their outposts in the anticipation of war.

Now that long expected war has come. On one fateful day, the 23rd day of Sido in the year 942, the armies of Hazamel left to reclaim Iasus as a part of their kingdom once again. Of the fourty-five thousand souls sent to reclaim the glory of the kingdom, a little more then a thousand have returned, scared by tales of horror.

Baited into fighting on Iasian soil, the bulk of Hazamel’s might was dissolved into nothing. Now Iasus marches forward to claim the ruins just beyond the crimson-stained walls that stretch from the east to west, boarder to boarder. Every report says they have no intention of holding territory or allowing there to be survivors within their path. All civilians are said to be captured and processed, meanwhile the earth itself is salted and scorched.

Now begins the great exodus of the city of East Salamis. Its population of thirteen thousand strives to reach the safety of the wall. Four hundred miles of bog and wooded wilderness lay before them. Twenty miles north of the city, deep within the damp rotting forests of the Denwood, a city’s worth of people make camp in the fading light. The bitter chill of Winter still bites even though Spring makes its approach. This is when, where, and how the characters of this story begin their adventure.


Fathom_Seer Fathom_Seer

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