House Rules

Hey, everyone’s got a few.


Players don’t have one. If you have an alignment, you done fucked up. Alignments imply a total loss of free will. Willful intelligent beings can choose to be kind and caring to their loved ones and completely inhuman and sadistic to their enemies. I want your characters to be consistent in their personality, but I will not hold you to a scale based on good and evil or order and chaos.


All character begin the campaign with two traits. To simplify the trait system, you are restricted to the general list of traits itemized below. You can choose any trait you want. You can choose the same trait multiple times. Trait bonuses do not stack.

Highly Skilled – Choose any two class skills and apply a +1 Trait bonus to the skill.

Broad Knowledge – Choose any non-class skill, treat that skill as a class skill from now on.

Born Fighter – Choose either your initiative bonus, your combat maneuver bonus (CMB), or your combat maneuver defense (CMD), apply a +1 trait bonus to the chosen bonus.

Brutal Combatant – Add a +1 trait bonus to damage with a chosen weapon.

Spellborn – As a spell-like ability, cast any cantrip once per day. Requires a charisma score of 10 or higher. Uses your charisma score for determining the DC of the spell.

Literacy – You know how to read. Without this trait, ranks in linguistics only allows you to speak new languages, not how to write or read them.

Starting Gold and Magic Items

Gortana is a low magic world. Meaning, magic items are not mass produced for your convenience. You can’t stroll down to the market and purchase a generic +1 long sword. All magical items have a name because they are all uniquely crafted and rare. Characters are expected to begin their quests with all of the mundane gear that they require, within reason of course. Wealth falls more under the category of character background and role play. I do not treat it as a game mechanic for controlling the power of the items player character’s wield.

It is in the nature of heroic characters to be drawn to history shaping events, where encounters with magical items and fonts of power are not all that uncommon. You do not buy magical weapons, they are gifted, entrusted, or earned. Besides, the standard approach to wealth and items tends to bend and break my sense of what is reasonable. My mass-produced run-of-the-mill magical item shouldn’t cost more then your village.

House Rules

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